The ETHEREUM MINI platform co-exists with existing asset management services and other CRYPTO markets, namely ETHEREUM and DEFI Coins, and ETM targets higher prices with lower issue volumes than ETC (ETHEREUM Classic)



The Ultimate goal of Mini Life is to provide a comprehensive platform that offers a variety of services, including webtoons, mini-games, and communities etc, in addition to DeFi services and online shopping service. Within th Mini Life Platform, payment is only processed with Mini Life Token(MLF).


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ETHEREUM MINI's decentralized finance means decentralized finance or decentralized financial services.
MINI service is a financial system that operates without intermediaries on a network with blockchain technology as the core and can become a new business that replaces the traditional financial markets such as deposits, loans, exchanges between tokens, and futures. There are many reasons why ETHEREUM MINI (ETM) services replaces the traditional financial asset operation services

    Unlike traditional finance, where you have to visit banks and go through a complicated documentary process from identification, in the ETHEREUM MINI DEFI ecosystem, you can use financial services right away if you can only use the Internet. According to statistics, about 1.7 billion adults around the world are unbanked and shall not use financial institutions.
    There is a great advantage specially for those who are isolated from the financial system because they can easily access financial services.
    All of ETHEREUM MINI's financial procedures are done automatically through SMART CONTRACTs, so there is no need for intermediaries.
    A SMART CONTRACT is a digital electronic contract that allows a contractor to pre-program a pre-arranged agreement and automatically execute the contract when all of these conditions are met, allowing them to enter into a contract between individuals (P2P) without a third-party guarantee
    Currently, processing for inter-agency transactions is expensive and time-consuming.
    However, use of the ETHEREUM MINI blockchain financial system allows sharing the necessary data without a complicated process, saving money and time by processing it immediately without much cost incurred for guaranteeing trust. It immediately detects forgery of transaction details, and all records are saved. Because it is preserved, it becomes possible to identify the responsible entity.

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The ETM ecosystem also has growth from borrowing and lending activities and value growth allocated from the general-purpose loan pool.
It makes up the benefits of continuous token appreciation due to growth into various cross-chain tokens such as STAKING and the retirement of ETM tokens purchased on withdrawals.

The benefits of the
ETM holder are as follows

Maintain fixed rewards when holding ETM TOKEN after creation

Commitment to ETM token digital asset collateral as well as ETH and other assets (BTC, ALT COIN, fiat currency, etc.)

ETM holders create
value through

Interest incurred when lending through P2P

Maximize profits by operating optimized mining campaigns across the global ETM mining pool

ETM mining possible by committing digital assets as loan liquidity

The ETM ecosystem offers
a variety of incentives, including

Normal distribution from accumulated values within a universal liquidity pool

Governance and voting rights

Interest income on ETM token lending efficiency

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ETM aims to improve the convenience of customers and third parties by integrating and removing the complexity of the DEFI protocol.
By removing the barriers to key technologies, security, and upgradeability related to ETM DEFI construction, we made the ETM API the most convenient way for mainstream developers to connect with their system structure.
In the future, it will be possible to set specific permissions required for specific user cases using ETM's protocol, and furthermore, it is ETM's DEFI STRUCTURE that helps consolidate their independent asset operating environment.

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From now on, ETM PLATFORM will provide necessary services and marketing programs for all users, affiliates, and merchants. We provide our own service that allows companies and affiliates to spend their POOLs and points as a consumption venue and a dativized and personalized token economy that analyzes consumption patterns.

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Role of Token Utility
Token supply 100,000,000
Distributed in thecrowvdsale 40,000,000 (Retire all remaining q’ty at the end of the sale)
Symbol / Ticker ETM
Decimals 18
Blockchain Ethereum(ERC-20)
Team 30,000,000 ETM
Partners 10,000,000 ETM
Marketing 10,000,000 ETM
Event and Reserve 10,000,000 ETM

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  • 2021
    • 1Q ETM token issuance ETM DAPP Beta Open ETM WHITEPAPER Open
    • 2Q Listing on domestic exchanges BUY BACK
    • 3Q DAPP 2nd advancement Start ETM DeFi/Staking service
    • 4Q Expansion and additional establishment of a large Ethereum mining site in Korea BUY BACK
  • 2022
    • 1Q Additional listing on domestic and overseas exchanges BUY BACK

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